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Q: English speaking gynecologist?

Does anyone know where I can find an English speaking gynecologist in Ningbo or Hangzhou? I see there's an OBGYN in Shanghai but I'd rather not travel there. But if I have to then I will. Has anyone been to the one in Shanghai? Ladies, what are your experiences with gynecologists here in China? Good or bad? 

37 weeks 19 hours ago in  Health & Safety - China

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would not go near a gynecologist in China (or any other medical 'professional').

If you need this kind of examination or treatment, you are better off going in your home country.

mainly becasue you are likely to find one of the following:

1) incorrect diagnosis - i know this from a friends experience of China's health system.

2) someone who will prescribe 'medication' for the sake of a kick-back.

3) a 'professional' with a purient interest in non-Chinese bodies.

4) members of the public (or other random people) wandering in to the room during your examination.

5) your examination being recorded and posted online - this apparently happens very often with operations.

6) you will be extorted because you are foreign.

7) you will probably waste at least half a day waiting.

8) a combination of any of the above.


bottom line.

don't waste your time or money.

if you really care about your health, wait until you are back in your home country for any examination or treatment.


It is nearly the Lunar New Year so chances are you will be leaving the country anyway.


my bet is that some random alias will post a spam to this question

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37 weeks 19 hours ago
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