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Q: Is this the future of leadership in the world?


I was skeptical of the new social justice warrior metrosexual when he came to power, I still remember the shutdown and long gas lines when his father tried to seize control of oil revenue in Alberta in the 80's.


If the new young leaders are going to get in the face of non multicultural companies and countries and not expect a backlash, well, this must be university brainwashing, like the last American president who lived by executive orders and did not want to compromise or negotiate, his way or the highway, and the back lash was Trump.


I don't understand how a country with so little power thinks they can shame others, What am I missing here other than a brainwashed idiot. You let  Muslim refugees in that don't believe in gender equality and half your cabinet has to be females and you think because you adopted multiculturalism first in the world that tongue lashing and elite

"we are better than you" policy is the way to change the world.


None of this makes any logical sense.


36 weeks 5 days ago in  General  - China

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Somebody is really pissed off.15000 students leaving, yes liberals brow beating and shaming is a wonderful policy.

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36 weeks 5 days ago
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