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  • Nov 25,2021

    It depends from where you're receiving it ... and what kind of puter/OS you're using.


    I have MBP without Windows OS ... and once I mark certain email as spam, next time it lands directly into the Spam folder and gets deleted automatically after few days.


    If I receive email from site I subscribed, i.e. I gave them my email address, I must unsubscribe...

  • Nov 12,2021

    Get some statistics. I don't think the number of teachers coming into China with a NEW visa is as many as you think.


    First important point is that you understand the difference between a visa and a residence permit. Visas are issued by consulates or embassies overseas. Residence permits can ONLY be issued in China. Those still in China in most situations do not have an...

  • Nov 08,2021

    "Will not travel whatsoever unless all normalizes, i.e. stay-put-online ..."


    I doubt things will be pre-covid style normal again, covid is here to stay and will probably continue to be a pain in everyone's arse.


    I think will '22 will be an in interesting year. As more and more countries get their vaccination numbers up they'll...

  • Nov 06,2021

    They're not new visas. People with a current RP are still, in theory at least, able to leave and return, the same way a Chinese citizen would be able to. They need to show a negative covid test within (I think ) 72 hours of their departure flight and be fully vaxxed then go through the quarantine period. I know people who have done this.


    I've also heard of people who haven...

  • Nov 03,2021

    There is a stipulation at ET job requirements in China that applicant must have 2-years of working experience beside native English passport and BA degree.


    6. Curriculum...

  • Oct 25,2021

    Can you come to China for sightseeing and walk the doors of employers? No, you can't, because you have to secure an Entry visa first and without an employer, it's almost impossible to fulfil that task .

    Beside that, you could maybe provide a better solution ... on top of bashing the website and stating the matters, which are impossible to prove.


    Looking for a job (...

  • Oct 21,2021

    My friends who are managing schools still can't recruit from outside of China because of the borders being closed, as far as I know that doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon. If you have a current existing residence permit etc you can re-enter the country, going through the usual quarantine process obviously but no new visas are being issued.


    I don't know...

  • Oct 01,2021

    I mainly got new (English teaching) jobs in China from here. I also used several good job recruiters and I got new offers that way, too.

    The other (ET) jobs website is Dave's ESL Cafe, and if you'll Yahoo-gle "ESL job vacancies in China", you'll find more websites advertising ET job openings in China. You can replace 'ESL' with any job you're looking for ...



  • Sep 07,2021

    Dont know where they got those answers from, you DO need two shot Chinese vaccine done at least 15 days prior to travel, but, you wont be entering anyway as ESL teachers are not considered essential workers. I have been here 17 years, double vaccinated 5 moonths ago, coulfnt even get an ETD to go home and bury my mother and was firmly told i would be denied entry, as if i am leaving my wife a...

  • Sep 06,2021

    if you are asking these questions....

    1) you clearly have not done your research 

    2) why did you not ask your employer?
    3) maybe you are not ready to move to China (these things will be the least of your worries in China)


  • Aug 07,2021

    Lack of foreign teachers or foreigners overall in China can be attributed to Cofid pandemic, which still hasn't end ... Chinese borders are literary closed ... 

    It is also about politics around the world, which is centered toward slowing of the economic growth of China and other territorial disputes .. SCS mostly.

    Chinese gov. pressure on Education sector in China will not...

  • Aug 03,2021

    I'd say, most likely not ...


    You must exit China and apply for Z at the Chinese Embassy in your native country.


    Now, if you will talk to the potential employer/sponsor of Z visa, they will certainly guide you through the right procedure.


    Z visa sponsor must apply for your Working permit and employer must state at the application,...

  • Jul 31,2021

    You can work only if you hold a work permit and residence permit yourself. The same conditions for all foreigners apply. You have a job and the company can legally employ foreigners. Work permit is tied to that company and location that you are actually working and the position matches. You can't just work in China if you hold a dependence visa or residence permit. 

  • Jul 29,2021


    Home page - management service system for foreigners coming to China

  • Jul 28,2021

    Yes and no. There are plenty of people who get teaching jobs in China with no degree. However they're probably not legally allowed to be teaching. Supply and demand.  Schools who are hard up for a teacher will hire whomever they can get their hands on. Schools get busted regularly for hiring unqualified teachers. Years ago I met a guy in his  fifties who bragged to me how he got a...

  • Jul 25,2021

    "As one would expect with any regulatory overhaul of China, there was a distinct nationalist flavor to the new rules: among other things, they also ban the teaching of foreign curriculums, tighten scrutiny over the import of textbooks and forbid the hiring of foreign teachers outside of China -- a curb that could have severe consequences for startups like VIPKid that specialize in overseas...

  • Jul 23,2021

    My advice? Keep in your lane. If you know teachers who are working illegally, it would be them that suffer should you report the school. Wouldn't it be better to have a quiet word wqith the teachers, find out there situation, and help them out? 

    There are many reasons people find themselves working illegally. Some intentional, some not. The non-intentional ones have been tricked...

  • Jul 22,2021

    Highly unlikely I'd say. Pre-pandemic you usually needed to go back home and reapply, I doubt much has changed, except that you'd have a hard time getting back into China if you left because the borders are mostly closed now.


    If someone is offering you a job and telling you to come in on the M visa and they'll change it when you arrive, you don't want  that job.

  • Jul 14,2021

    Things could have changed during the two years I've been away from China, but generally Z visas are only 30 days in length.  Once you arrive at your school, they should get you a worker's permit and a residence permit.  The residence permit is usually a year in length or at least the length of your contract (or longer in some circumstances).  It allows you to work only at that...

  • Jul 14,2021

    To teach beyond the age of 60 there are two mechanisms which are possible.  The first is to work at a university or college  ... these institutions usually allow past age 60 teaching.  The other mechanism is regionally-based ... there are some cities/regions which have no upper age limits, so do a little research yourself on where you'd like to go.  And talk to agents or...

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A: It depends from where you're receiving it ... and what kind of puter/O
A:It depends from where you're receiving it ... and what kind of puter/OS you're using. I have MBP without Windows OS ... and once I mark certain email as spam, next time it lands directly into the Spam folder and gets deleted automatically after few days. If I receive email from site I subscribed, i.e. I gave them my email address, I must unsubscribe first and emails stop. I don't know how Windows based machines operate ... -- icnif77