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  • May 13,2022

    They're saying you should be in China already because entering China is pretty much impossible at the moment due to covid restrictions. This means schools can only recruit from people already in the country.


    Also, unless you have dual citizenship you probably wouldn't meet the visa requirements to teach (teach English that is, maybe you could teach other subjects, I don't...

  • Apr 25,2022

    Good luck mate, I hope it works out for you.

  • Apr 17,2022

    I admire your enthusiasm about getting a job in China. I had worked 25 years in China as a Consultant Builder and had moved from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and back to Beijing. 


    Back 25 years ago when I arrived in China, they welcome us, Foreigners with open arms, asking us 'to teach them how to build a better world for everyone in the world'. I had...

  • Apr 12,2022

    I would strongly suggest anyone not in lockdown to stock up on food, water etc if you haven't already, just in case.


    Omicrom spreads fast so it seems likely more cities will get locked down. I'm sure everyone has been watching the news, food delivery services are likely to be pushed to their limit and availability of your preferred foods might not be a given.


  • Apr 06,2022

    Aside from teaching foreigners are usually either working at foreign companies or if they work in a Chinese company they'll have an in-demand skill that can't be found easily in China.In your situation you could probably try reaching out to import / export companies, maybe you'll be able to use your previous experience to land a job.





  • Mar 27,2022

    To be bluntly honest, there is no real room for vaccine scepticism here - and certainly not from foriegners coming over on year long Z-Visas.


    That and you will be controlled wherever you go and what you do via phone apps and you will be scanned in and out of malls, university/school gates etc - the school will probably ask you if you have been vaccinated during the...

  • Mar 17,2022

    Well the borders are closed so....

    An American friend who was already in China just got a new job, other American friends there haven't said anything about problems caused by China/US relations, not like they're ever great at the best of times anyway.

    If and when the borders reopen, there's still an ESL industry there and we're not in WW3 or anything you can probably apply and be...

  • Mar 06,2022

    That’s not entirely true anymore. The law changed recently. In certain cities it’s possible for students to work if they get permission from this school and meet certain requirements. The fact that they’re not really letting international students into the country anymore makes it irrelevant though.

  • Feb 11,2022

    I read on my phone that a Swedish curling player, Almida Deval, who currently lives in Shanghai, took leave to represent team Sweden in Beijing, and won 3rd place in mixed doubles.


    Some of her colleagues only found out about this later, and were very surprised plus inspired.


    And Gu Ai Ling made some news. She's hot, sexy, atheletic and now represents...

  • Jan 29,2022

    The keys to this question are 1) the region and 2) the level, or type of school you will be teaching in.  I have recently learned (for example) that the city of Shenzhen has eliminated age limits.  Also, most colleges and universities do not have the 'age 60' limit.  You probably won't make as much at a college/university as you might at a learning center or ower level school,...

  • Jan 27,2022

    You need a passport from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland or South Africa.  That's what it means in practice.

  • Jan 06,2022

    I'd say no, you don't need working permit to work for Chinese Co. remotely, i.e. by not residing in China.

    Best advice on that you'll get from your employer.



  • Dec 17,2021

    Your best bet is to tether your phone to someone who already has a VPN and do it that way to contact and buy your VPN. 


    You can also find the VPN service that you want to use, call them using Skype or other service, and work through their customer service. They will more than likely have a work-around website that you can use. 

  • Nov 25,2021

    It depends from where you're receiving it from ... and what kind of the puter/OS you're using it.


    I have MBP without Windows OS ... and once I mark certain email as a spam, next time it lands directly into the Spam folder and gets deleted automatically after few days.


    If I receive email from the site I subscribed to, i.e. I gave them my email address,...

  • Nov 12,2021

    Get some statistics. I don't think the number of teachers coming into China with a NEW visa is as many as you think.


    First important point is that you understand the difference between a visa and a residence permit. Visas are issued by consulates or embassies overseas. Residence permits can ONLY be issued in China. Those still in China in most situations do not have an...

  • Nov 08,2021

    "Will not travel whatsoever unless all normalizes, i.e. stay-put-online ..."


    I doubt things will be pre-covid style normal again, covid is here to stay and will probably continue to be a pain in everyone's arse.


    I think will '22 will be an in interesting year. As more and more countries get their vaccination numbers up they'll...

  • Nov 06,2021

    They're not new visas. People with a current RP are still, in theory at least, able to leave and return, the same way a Chinese citizen would be able to. They need to show a negative covid test within (I think ) 72 hours of their departure flight and be fully vaxxed then go through the quarantine period. I know people who have done this.


    I've also heard of people who haven...

  • Nov 03,2021

    There is a stipulation at ET job requirements in China that applicant must have 2-years of working experience beside native English passport and BA degree.


    6. Curriculum...

  • Oct 25,2021

    Can you come to China for sightseeing and walk the doors of employers? No, you can't, because you have to secure an Entry visa first and without an employer, it's almost impossible to fulfil that task .

    Beside that, you could maybe provide a better solution ... on top of bashing the website and stating the matters, which are impossible to prove.


    Looking for a job (...

  • Oct 21,2021

    My friends who are managing schools still can't recruit from outside of China because of the borders being closed, as far as I know that doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon. If you have a current existing residence permit etc you can re-enter the country, going through the usual quarantine process obviously but no new visas are being issued.


    I don't know...

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A: They're saying you should be in China already because entering China i
A:They're saying you should be in China already because entering China is pretty much impossible at the moment due to covid restrictions. This means schools can only recruit from people already in the country. Also, unless you have dual citizenship you probably wouldn't meet the visa requirements to teach (teach English that is, maybe you could teach other subjects, I don't know) in China. They have a native speaker requirement that means only people from certain countries will be accepted. The second point will probably get this post downvoted, any time you mention the native speaker requirement it brings out one or two angry thumbs - they don't seem to understand nobody on this forum makes the rules..... Anyway, my advice to you would be to look elsewhere. Between China's tough visa requirements and their even tougher covid measures it's pretty much impossible to go there now to teach. The good news is that other countries are dropping their covid restrictions and opening up again so there are probably still opportunities available to you. Good luck. -- Stiggs