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  • Jul 12,2024

    Well, doing a medical exam ahead of time wasn't actually necessary. I signed a promissary note stating that I was in good health and would do the result once I arrived in China. This was enough.

  • Jun 18,2024

    There are a few ways that a NNES can legally teach in China.
    1. Their degrees are from universities in recognized NES countries.
    2. They are a subject teacher with a legitimate teaching certification in their home country.
    3. They are a highly accomplished academic (category A) in their field and are invited to lecture at a university.

  • May 26,2024

    If you renew your passport, update your bank with the new number, then get issued a new bank card and try adding it to your WeChat wallet.
    WeChat wallet doesn’t recognize that passport numbers can change, and you will lose access to it.

  • May 19,2024

    I had a similar experience in HK. If I recall correctly, before or at the Z visa application, I had to submit ME from the ordinary HK clinic, where I explained why I need ME and I asked them to examine only necessary things (I don't remember the cost ...), and then ... I got Z stamp and when back in China, I had to complete another RP ME, which was on the employer, i.e. included in the...

  • May 18,2024

    Your potential employer is right!


    Purpose of the Medical exam before granting Z visa is to make sure, you won't be entering China in any abnormal and harmful to others condition.

    Few days after your arrival to China, you'll be required to complete another ME ... 

    If ME in China will be OK, you'll get 1-year Residence permit stamp into your book some 10-...

  • May 14,2024

    Chinese are generally pretty tolerant friendly and accepting whatever foreigners do.  I spent 15 years in China but I wouldn't say there are that many don'ts....

    Don't assume that many people speak English though and learn some Chinese. Don't speak much about politics unless you want to praise Chinese system. 

  • Apr 22,2024

    Add-it: Getting into the recruiters ...


    You could also research any school/job offering posted by the recruiters ... as an example:

    "First job offering this AM was posted by the recruiter 'ClickChina' for the English teacher position at International School in Jinhua city, Zhejiang Province, China...


  • Apr 19,2024


     You cannot legally teach English in China with non-English passport...

  • Apr 19,2024

    if you can qualify as a "high-level" talent, then there are no age requirements. this would be the ability to satisfy the Class A requirements.


  • Apr 16,2024

    It's up to the employer if they want to hire you that's fine most cities today require you to take a health check every year when renewing the working visa if you pass the health check and you get your visa renewed each year I know teachers that are in their 70s and they're still doing great

  • Apr 04,2024

    1. Find listing of Public schools in China through any of the main search engines;


    Most or all Public schools in China have a web address ...


    2. Send yer CV directly to the School's web address ... and WAIT! for a reply ...


    At 'FindJobs' above enter 'Public school' in search and ... scroll down the adverts and look for the advert...

  • Mar 28,2024

     "... through ..."? 


    Only "through" I can foresee is "Shenzhen agent...

  • Mar 25,2024

    1. You can only legally work on a work visa, so having a 10 year tourist visa means absolutely nothing. 
    2. For ESL in China, and most other countries as well, no degree=no work permit. Without at least a bachelor's degree, no one cares how many hours your TEFL certification is for. There used to be loopholes for getting around it, but they've all been closed over the past few years...

  • Mar 20,2024

    I'd say, try and always speak Spanish with kids as a rule.

    Never mind if they're replying in Mandarin, just stay consistent with Spanish.

    If possible, you and your husband both should speak Spanish with kids.

    No worries for kids' Mandarin learning, they are doing it natural way and soon they'll be able to teach you thing or two about the Mandarin.

    The thingy is,...

  • Feb 17,2024

    In my personal experience, teaching certificates have varied in relevance depending on the context and location. Here's a breakdown of each aspect:

    a) Getting the teaching job: Teaching certificates can certainly enhance your chances of securing a teaching position, especially in formal educational settings such as schools and language institutions. Many employers prefer candidates who...

  • Feb 03,2024

     Various teaching certificates are indeed relevant and necessary because in order to qualify for an English teaching position anywhere in the world, one has to complete one ... ...

  • Jan 28,2024

    if your employer sticks to the letter of the law regarding employment of foreigners, then the answer is no.
    If your employer is satisfied with your work and they will ignore your age, the answer is 'maybe' , unless they can get someone younger and cheaper than you.

    However, you may encounter a problem when you register and some ;jobs-worth' notices your age unless your employer has...

  • Jan 14,2024

    Not entirely true.
    If the money goes directly into the bank account in the home country, no issues.
    However, if it goes into the WeChat wallet/alipay, then it can be tracked down and punished as illegal income. Unlikely to happen, but still a possibility.

  • Dec 23,2023

    Don't discuss the 3 T's...... Tibet, Taiwan, Tiananmen.

    And don't suggest that Xinjiang is linked to forced re-education camps.... 

  • Dec 19,2023

    Ageism is both practiced and supported by almost every school in China.  There are only rare exceptions.  There are pointed questions on all applications referring to age, such as " older or younger than 55" and you must check one box or the other to continue.  You could be perfectly qualified for a job and in excellent health, and this box will eliminate you from other...

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A: Well, doing a medical exam ahead of time wasn't actually necessary. I
A:Well, doing a medical exam ahead of time wasn't actually necessary. I signed a promissary note stating that I was in good health and would do the result once I arrived in China. This was enough. -- norninman