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  • Feb 17,2024

    In my personal experience, teaching certificates have varied in relevance depending on the context and location. Here's a breakdown of each aspect:

    a) Getting the teaching job: Teaching certificates can certainly enhance your chances of securing a teaching position, especially in formal educational settings such as schools and language institutions. Many employers prefer candidates who...

  • Feb 03,2024

     Various teaching certificates are indeed relevant and necessary, because in order to qualify for an English teaching position anywhere in the world, one has to complete one ... ...

  • Jan 28,2024

    if your employer sticks to the letter of the law regarding employment of foreigners, then the answer is no.
    If your employer is satisfied with your work and they will ignore your age, the answer is 'maybe' , unless they can get someone younger and cheaper than you.

    However, you may encounter a problem when you register and some ;jobs-worth' notices your age unless your employer has...

  • Jan 14,2024

    Not entirely true.
    If the money goes directly into the bank account in the home country, no issues.
    However, if it goes into the WeChat wallet/alipay, then it can be tracked down and punished as illegal income. Unlikely to happen, but still a possibility.

  • Dec 23,2023

    Don't discuss the 3 T's...... Tibet, Taiwan, Tiananmen.

    And don't suggest that Xinjiang is linked to forced re-education camps.... 

  • Dec 19,2023

    Ageism is both practiced and supported by almost every school in China.  There are only rare exceptions.  There are pointed questions on all applications referring to age, such as " older or younger than 55" and you must check one box or the other to continue.  You could be perfectly qualified for a job and in excellent health, and this box will eliminate you from other...

  • Dec 17,2023

    I had my WeChat account on two different phones because I wanted to translate both ways. it worked for me

  • Dec 12,2023

    I came here in 2011 and I’m still here.. It’s down to the individual to deal with/ accept/ adapt (or not) with issues and problems and that’s the same in every country.
    People try China for different reasons and it might work out or not, like in any country and there is always the option to leave.
    Yeah, seems like some accounts here are BS but hey ho, that’s China or should I say...

  • Dec 10,2023

    It all depends on the school and where you want to teach. Some school are ageist and they only want to employ younger teachers while universities are more flexible and will accept applications from older candidates. Usually a work permit is only given up until the age of 60 years because that's the retirement age in China and so it can't be renewed after age 60. Some adverts will specify the...

  • Dec 01,2023


    Teaching age limits were relaxed in China late 2019. Teachers who work in 2nd or 3rd tier cities are able to teach until 65.

    In China,...

  • Nov 27,2023

    I’m not sure about your percentage for those that have left China but your right about this site having gone tits up…(I had another account years ago but deleted it ). I have been here in China since 2011 but feel I’m getting close to ending my time here. I have for the most part enjoyed it but the issues that others have mentioned and the ever-growing list of blocked VPN’s, websites and App’s...

  • Nov 09,2023

    Have a DD (due diligence, i.e. research!) at China Merchants Bank ...


    They most likely issue Debit and Credit cards with MC and Visa logo, Union Pay too, to a foreigners working in China.


    Stop by at any CMB bank and have a chat with the Bank's employees.


    At my time in China ( 2017 and before ...), I held both CMB accounts and I...

  • Oct 29,2023

    Let's get one thing straight. If you want to live and work in China then you have to work for a boss. If you try to open up your own consulting company then they always see it as you are trying to cut out the Chinese (pimp) and that you want to work for yourself.

  • Oct 29,2023

    I left just over three years ago. Best choice I ever made. I was there for around 12 years. I also had the problem with no degree. The government expects people with degrees to go and teach English and all these people have an actual degree. What a waist of a degree. The money spent on getting an actual degree and then working as an English teacher in China... well that is pretty much an...

  • Oct 17,2023

    Shortlisted (Past Simple & Past Participle of 'shortlist' ...) standz for:


    Short list 

    A short list or shortlist is a list of candidates for a...

  • Sep 17,2023

    1. Apply at FindJobz, top L corner of this screen!


    2. Have a look over the Internet with "Requirements for an English teaching job in China" in search for more details.

    You could also look at the guidance titled "How to use an Internet, search engines in particular ..." for more in-dept web knowledge.


    3. As you can see from no. 2,, main...

  • Sep 10,2023

    Fuk-ang, Xinjiang, but only at the small Uyghur's bakery shacks, if they still exist. 


    Rye and pure corn bread, which are both baked as 150g or so brioches and focaccias. Year 2012/13.


    You might also try in Kaifeng or in Henan overall, anywhere with the larger Uyghur populus.


    I've lived and worked in both places. Nowhere else...

  • Sep 01,2023

    As spanish i agree with you with the comment about the mediterranean food, but i cant be totally agree when you say the chinese food is unhealthy and taste bad. First, we need to define chinese food, which kind of chinese food? because the variety is quite big between provinces. Is the doufu unhealthy? well, it depend where you will eat it and which kind of doufu. is the duck meat unhealthy?...

  • Aug 01,2023

    You can exit China under Z visa anytime you please. However, most recipients of Z visa apply with employer's help for Residence permit after the entry to China.


    Z visa is valid 30-days and you can do whatever you want, apply for RP or exit China and return home.

    Z visa cancellation is impossible, I'd say, unless you committed a crime and even then cops would just...

  • Aug 01,2023

    1. Your Nationality

    You must be from one of seven approved countries – UK, Ireland, US,...

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A: In my personal experience, teaching certificates have varied in releva
A:In my personal experience, teaching certificates have varied in relevance depending on the context and location. Here's a breakdown of each aspect:a) Getting the teaching job: Teaching certificates can certainly enhance your chances of securing a teaching position, especially in formal educational settings such as schools and language institutions. Many employers prefer candidates who have undergone specific training in pedagogy and instructional techniques, which these certificates often provide. However, other factors such as experience, references, and the demand for teachers in a particular area also play significant roles in the hiring process.b) Getting a higher salary than your uncertified competitors: In some cases, holding a teaching certificate can indeed lead to a higher salary compared to uncertified competitors. Many educational institutions have structured salary scales that take into account factors such as level of education, years of experience, and additional certifications. Holding a teaching certificate may place you in a higher salary bracket or make you eligible for certain salary incentives or bonuses. However, this can vary widely depending on the specific policies of the institution or organization.c) Getting promotions: Teaching certificates can be beneficial for career advancement and securing promotions within the field of education. They demonstrate a commitment to professional development and mastery of teaching skills, which are qualities that many employers value when considering candidates for leadership positions or administrative roles. Additionally, some promotions may require specific certifications or qualifications, making holding a teaching certificate essential for advancement in certain cases.Regarding which certificate yields better results, it largely depends on the specific requirements of the job market and the educational context in which you intend to work. For example:A Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) is often highly regarded in formal school settings and can be advantageous for those seeking positions in primary or secondary education.Montessori certification is valuable for individuals interested in working in Montessori schools or implementing Montessori principles in their teaching approach.A Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate is particularly relevant for those seeking to teach English to non-native speakers in international contexts or language schools.Ultimately, the best certificate for you will depend on your career goals, the specific requirements of the positions you're interested in, and the preferences of potential employers in your target job market. It's essential to research the requirements and preferences of employers in your desired field and tailor your qualifications accordingly. -- ruqaiya761