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how do you think of chinese girls?

Asked by anonymous, last answered 9 years 48 weeks in Relationships - China 43 Answers Views:108137 37 Comments

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A: Have a DD (due diligence, i.e. research!) at China Merchants Bank ...&
A:Have a DD (due diligence, i.e. research!) at China Merchants Bank ... They most likely issue Debit and Credit cards with MC and Visa logo, Union Pay too, to a foreigners working in China. Stop by at any CMB bank and have a chat with the Bank's employees. At my time in China ( 2017 and before ...), I held both CMB accounts and I could withdraw cash from ATM just about anywhere in the world.Cash withdrawal fee was a killer thou, if I remember correctly ...I opened few threads here at the time I discovered CMB and all benefits bank was offering to a laowai working in China. Here's one thread: -- icnif77